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Once a month, Hair Products UK, look at the people who set the High Street trends...


with some glamorous do's and and disastrous don'ts we take you through the mind field of hair products and fill you with Hints, Tios and of course the correct hair product to achieve your look!

Cheryl Cole CurlsWe start this month with the ever wanted Cheryl Cole Curls!

There are lots of ways to achieve these bouncy curls so to name a few:

Dig out your heated rollers... these work a treat but hints and tips are:

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry
  2. Use a heat protector ad thermo styling spray. We love Pli by L'Oreal. Just mist the thermo spray over your dry hair section by section whilst winding in your heated rollers.
  3. Be careful to tuck the ends into the heated rollers as theis will keep a nice smooth finish on your ends. (try using a pintail comb to smooth the ends around the rollers)
  4. Leave to cool down then slowly un-coil your rollers in a spiral movement.
  5. Now it is time to work some gloss or smoothing products through the mid-lenghts and ends. This will keep your style glossy/tamed and frizz free.

Lock your curls in hard by using straightening irons, stylers and tongs.

  1. Make sure your hair is 100% dry
  2. Irons and stylers are your answer for soft or tight curls. Starting in the nape, simply take a small section 2" by 2" and place the iron/styler into the roots, turn the iron 180 degrees (either clockwise ir anticlockwise) Then snmooth the iron down through the mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Alternate your 180 degree twists in the roots. This will cause the curls to twist both forwards and backwards.
  4. For larger curls take a larger section
  5. Hot brush is aother way to add soft curls to your hair, starting this time at the ends roll the hot brush up the hair shaft, eave for a few seconds then un-roll.
  6. Now you must have heat protection with most irons reaching arount 210 degrees.